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Hazelnut syrup

Deliciously decadent hazelnut flavoured syrup. Add this syrup to your coffee for a warm and mellow hazelnut flavour or mix with steamed milk for a sweet treat.

Almond syrup

High quality almond coffee syrup. Use in coffee, hot chocolate or to make decadent milkshakes. We love blending our almond syrup with ice cold milk and a scoop of chocolate ice cream for a delicious treat.

Cinnamon syrup

Our deliciously warming cinnamon syrup is perfect for mixing into hot drinks on a cold night or used in baking. We like to drizzle it over freshly baked orange madeira cake.

Caramel syrup

Sweet and moorish caramel syrup. Sweeten up hot drinks with our caramel syrup or drizzle over ice cream. We love to use it as a layer in our ice cream sundaes.

Vanilla syrup

Our classic vanilla flavour syrup is great in milkshakes. Or use it in cheesecakes and other sweet treats to bring a wonderful vanilla vibe to your desserts.

Gingerbread syrup

Spice up your coffee with this delightful gingerbread flavour syrup. Add to coffee to give it a spicy gingerbread kick or add to hot chocolates or steamed milk for a sweet treat.

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Ginger Bread Syrup

This is a great coffee syrup  with its gently warming ginger and cinnamon and nutmeg notes it slips smoothly into hot chocolates and coffees alike. I think it really comes into its own when mixed in cocktails though rum and whisky especially. It just depends on the time of day.

Strawberry and lime syrup

Strawberry and lime syrup is delicious in cocktails or as a refreshing summer drink mixed with sparkling water and lots of ice.

Raspberry syrup

Ideal for the adventurous mixologist. How about using raspberry syrup in a Berlin Cosmo or a Knickerbocker? Or simply mix with vodka, soda water and a twist of lemon.

Mint syrup

Our fresh and cool mint syrup is perfect for giving your cocktails some extra zing. Or add it to hot chocolate - it's like drinking melted After Eights!

Burnt orange syrup

A sophisticated orange flavour with just the right amount of zest. We love this syrup mixed with hot chocolate or added to bakes like orange tarts and cheesecakes to really enhance their flavour.

Tiramisu syrup

If you have a sweet tooth then you're going to love our tiramisu syrup. On cold mornings in the Exclusive Scoop kitchen we've been known to add a slug of tiramisu syrup to hot milk to warm ourselves up. It's a real treat and a great way to start your day.

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